What is the HCD Martial Art Academy?

HCD Martial Art Academy teaches a freestyle martial art style called Hyung Chi Do. Hyung Chi Do is the result of a lifetime of dedicated training, mental, physical and spiritual development. It has blended effective and practical techniques with fitness training while maintaining the traditional values of a true martial art. It has a Karate/Tae Kwon Do base and it incorporates techniques from Kung Fu and Aikido.

Of course, all martial arts are not created equal….

Developed in Australia, HCD Martial Art Academy training methods will not only get you fit, strong and flexible, they will develop focus, integrity, self-control, courtesy and respect – five qualities that can see you through any difficult situation that may arise in your life.

The HCD Martial Art Academy Difference

HCD Martial Art Academy  offers a complete exercise program that has been designed to build confidence and resilience through hard training and dedication in class. Our training programs have been developed to suit all learning styles, fitness levels and ages and involve a balance of fun, discipline and physical exercise that brings out the best in everyone.


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