David Hinds – Shihan and Dai-Sensei, HCD Martial Art Academy














Hyung Chi Do is a Freestyle Martial Art that begin in a suburban Karate dojo in Brisbane, Queensland, in the early 70’s.

It continued to evolve through intense workout sessions and training camps in and around the Gold Coast and by participating in tournaments in the Central Coast of New South Wales, Canberra and Western Australia.

The 70’s was dedicated to the development of Karate part of the style, the 80’s focused on TaeKwon-Do. For the first part of the 90’s the Kung-Fu skills were worked on as were the skills required to understand the bio-mechanics of human movement.

After a shoulder injury that restricted movement for a short time the style was further improved to cater for people with individual needs, body types, fitness levels, and those with injury.

In 1995, after nearly 25 years of study and development, a name and a method of instruction was finalised and Hyung Chi Do was born.

Aikido was introduced  into the style in 2008 and weapons in 2014. Hyung Chi Do continues to evolve and blend techniques to offer the participant and full range of skills.

Hyung Chi Do blends the values of a traditional Martial Art school with modern applications and is available to most ages and all skill levels and is taught at the HCD Martial Art Academy on the Gold Coast.